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Our Producers & Creators will take a look at what you've come up with (ex. creative direction, timeline, resources needed, etc). 


Concept & Cost

A creative treatment is drafted for you and your team outlining what we plan to do creatively. Pricing varies per each production. Plans available.



Jobs typically take 4-12 weeks (Rush jobs available). We handle everything between start and finish; casting, crew, gear, animation, editing, color correction.


Created in 2015. HUSTLECAKE™ is a Los Angeles-based production company. We specialize in a uniquely cinematic style of filmmaking with a valuable sense for millennial taste.  Collectively, our music video work has been viewed nearly 500 MILLION times.

Founded by Platinum Award-Winning Director, Alex Di Marco. Co-founded alongside Production Coordinator, Ken Ashton.

We LOVE collaborating with new and established artists, bands, brands, and more! Let's find a way to work together ...  

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